Is Rahul Gandhi crippled by his obsession with his magic wand?

The legendary Arjuna could afford to focus only on the fish's eye. Rahul Gandhi must have a wider perspective to address the country's ills

Celebrating Human Imagination

Celebrating Human Imagination

November 15, 2013

THiNK — Tehelka’s annual event in Goa — was born three years ago with a specific ambition. We wanted to create a space that would celebrate the centrality of thought and ideas as the most crucial foundation of a civilised society. We wanted to bring together some of the most brilliant and diverse minds from […]

Fix the design defect at the core of India’s corporate laws

Crony deals are sealed in boardrooms but governments have to seek the people’s mandate

What do you do when the entire system goes deaf on you?

The Talwars’ story encapsulates the cold, impervious heart of our democracy

Even as Akhilesh free falls, Modi is being forced to change his costume

In India, the leadership options are either effete, muscular or sinister. But, there's a twist in the tale.

How to Feed a Billion. And Why it Pays

Why the controversial Food Security Bill is not a spend but an investment, crucial for India’s future and growth

Forget corruption. Brazenness just acquired a new high-water mark

The missing coal files, in fact, sum up everything that is wrong with the UPA leadership: it’s missing.

The India growth story is in trouble because it has a big design defect

We need the middle ground and multiple models. What we have is an angry and wasteful polarity.

The mid-day meal tragedy has not just snuffed out life but also hope

The root of India’s crisis today is that we have lost the idea of getting something done zealously right.

Modi epitomises what the other idea of India could look like

With his provocative comments, he is exacerbating the underlying prejudice against Indian Muslims