The story of Nirbhaya, her rapists, and a country seething with rage and violence, caught between feudal hierarchies and the modern economy

Rape. And how men see it

January 10, 2013

Dozens of conversations provide a fascinating window into the psyche of the Indian male. Some of it dark. Some of it hopeful

The Jindal-Zee scandal is the latest warning sign for India’s troubled Fourth Estate. Is there anybody willing to clean up the mess?

Think. And Be Damned

May 26, 2012

If the capacity for laughter is a society’s health card, the cross-party call for a cartoon disarmament in textbooks last week speaks of many dangerous Indian diseases.

Aamir Khan on his trail-blazing show Satya Meva Jayate, what sparked the idea, its long gestation and how it changed him and his team

The Street’s Smart Ways

December 31, 2011

It has been a year of seething people’s movements and unprecedented direct action on the street. What does this portend?

Ground warriors

December 24, 2011

Where do the battles for earth, water and sky end? Dayamani Barla and Aruna Roy in conversation with Shoma Chaudhury and Sanjay Dubey

The Perils of Social Media

December 17, 2011

Cabinet minister Kapil Sibal may have pressed all the wrong buttons but he’s cracked open a much-needed debate on the nature of social media, its exhilarations, and its capacity for venom and lies

The first edition of THiNK brought together an electric range of cutting-edge voices from across the globe. A reading of what excitements this yielded

The danger of being good

February 26, 2011

The miracle of individual choice may be what is keeping us safe as a society. Some people just choose to be good, no matter what. This is the story of what happens to them