An explosive and detailed analysis of the country’s most famous murder trial

The story of Nirbhaya, her rapists, and a country seething with rage and violence, caught between feudal hierarchies and the modern economy

The Shape of the Beast

October 2, 2012

Middle-class Indians might hate Arundhati Roy, but shutting her out would leave us a poorer society. An assessment of the writer-polemicist and why she rouses so much ire

Himanshu Kumar used to be democracy’s last post in Dantewada, a sort of ICU for tribals. Then, suddenly, the State hunted him down and destroyed his ashram. A story of heroism India should know

This chilling story of one tribal family in Chhattisgarh reveals more about India’s Naxal crisis than any official document can.

On MF Husain’s Death. And Unfinished Relationships

He wanted me to tell the story of his life. I wish I had

Salman Khan has intrigued his fans for decades with his capacity to be a brat yet be endearingly human. Here’s the man beyond the fairy dust

Sunanda Pushkar was brutalised by the media during the Shashi Tharoor-IPL controversy. Her clothes, her alleged affairs, her supposed neglect of her son — everything became fair game. In an exclusive, emotional interview, she wrests back the story of her life

A Knight In Comic Armour

January 23, 2010

Tracking director Raju Hirani’s incredible life story, Shoma Chaudhury discovers his light, feel-good cinema disguises an urgent, often even an angry, moral vision

Irom Sharmila has been fasting for 10 years. Her epic resistance should be part of universal folklore.
But India remains oblivious